Wednesday, January 31, 2001


Where does love go when it is lost
do the years eat it away
nibbling around the edges until it is gone
or does it simply fade away
a pressed rose left out in the sun
petals brittle, faded & cracked
crumbling to dust when touched
savage wind blowing it all away
clouds slipping to cover the sun
cover these wounds left in my heart
bleeding holes I don't know how to fill
clouds creating a darkness worse than night
standing alone, no protection from the rain
I wonder where did our love go
how did we let it slip away
out here all alone I know I won't return

curled into a ball of pain
as this fragile kingdom
crashes at my feet
I never wanted this life
I never asked for your love
but I never thought I'd admit defeat

I loved you in the best way I could
still it was never quite enough
to make you give yourself to me
you stayed high above on your throne
if I was your queen or slave, I was never sure
all I could do couldn't make you see

once, you were everything to me
every wish, and dream, and hopeful stare
didn't you know, all I could see was you
thoughtless words that broke me down
spending your charm on every woman but me
I was alone by your side, what else could I do?

returned again to you your crown
no longer reigning sorrow at your side
slipped quietly off this golden throne
I will find my way in the world alone
strength and hope will be my guides
don't you see, I was never yours to own

if I could I would burn down heaven tonight
remove this all from my sight
find a way to gain control
tear down these walls in my soul
is there anyone out there I can truly trust?
or will my heart fade away, falling to dust?
As I cry, my tears make the stone
safe here inside, ever alone

I would sing down the stars
To be with you tonight
I would give anything
To have you in my sight

My empty arms ache
To hold you close to me
You are the only thing
These tired eyes want to see

I will curl under my blanket
With nothing here to hold
And go to sleep another night
These kisses left untold

I never knew
Love could be like this
Gentle and sweet
Such joy in our kiss

I never know
Love like the ocean
Quiet and depth less
A song with each motion

I always knew
Fire and passion soon burn away
But a love like water
Perhaps that can stay

Safe Within the Storm

A dark storm is brewing
Gray clouds are rolling in
Hush my dear sweet child
Think no more of sin

Rain clouds are falling
Portending the coming storm
Sleep now my dear one
My arms to keep you dry and warm

As lightning crashes overhead
Illuminating the night
Rest easy my little one
I will hold you in my sight