Tuesday, January 16, 2007

something happy

Okay, I noticed that I've been using my blog mostly to vent lately, so I thought I'd post something that's 100% happy goodness. What will this post be about you ask? Well, I asked myself the same question. I followed it by asking myself what makes me the most happy right now. And the answer that immediately came to my mind was Jason. So that means a sappy post!

(from XKCD, and yes I do know that it says...)

1 day 14 hours 50 minutes left until I'm back. I'm spending it spinning clockwise...

Well, how about that!

I found out today that a certain person I had been friends with for years has now decided that he doesn't like me anymore. This is because of my break up with Kyle last fall. Said friend in question never talked to me about it, never even tried to be objective or get my side of the story. I could go into a lengthy explanation of how I feel about it, but Drew at Toothpaste For Dinner has already summed it up for me, with a chart even!

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I'm not terribly surprised by this. Or upset really. After all, this is a friend that I have been limiting my time with considerably, because of his constantly negative, hostile attitude. I am disappointed in him though. I obviously had thought that he was more deserving of respect than he was.
*shrugs* Oh well.

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I'm not going to miss you in mine!

(You know, even though he only has three digits on each hand, I like to think that it's a double flip off.)