Friday, March 03, 2006

One More Poem

Glazed eyes staring out into the cold
grey skies, grey heart
all the color has bleed away
no blacks, no whites, it's all shades of grey

a silence descends on my soul
left here with out a voice
waiting for the purity of snow
to lay a blanket over me

night and day cycle endlessly
each as grey as the last
while all my regrets
cycle endlessly in my brain

I look to the sky in vain
searching of any sign of change
any pale hint of color
any sign of life over the horizon


Two new poems (mostly finished)

You shine on me gently
a distant star
in the cold, unforgiving night

I fear your disintigration
as the frozen space
tries to close you in

I want to bring you close
to keep you from the darkness
to keep you warm

a swirling supernova
you hold such power
in a single word, a sigh

you have woven a net
star-fire, to cover over me
I can not fight this

enraptured by your light
I wait silently
longing for your embrace

A shining supernova

in the expanse of darkness
I am enraptured by you

a net of star-fire
a shining silken ribbon
your likely snare

I can not fathom it
the power you hold
for you I'd burn oceans

you hold heaven in your eyes
fire on your lips
in your heartbeat is my breath

(Originally posted on myspace on April 25th)


04/27/06 8:28am

She is certainly a lucky girl to have caught your attention like that!




04/27/06 10:58am

*S* A Ralph Waldo Emmerson quote comes to mind-
"Thou art a delicious torment to me."