Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Underwear Oracle

***What Your Underwear Says About You***

When you're bad, you're very bad. And when you're good, you're still trouble!

You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way.

What Animal Were You In a Past Life?

You Were a Polar Bear

A bit of a loner, you enjoy introspection and solitude
You are a fighter, and you will seek revenge on those who harm you.

What Animal Were You In a Past Life?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Boy gets caught in toy-filled 'claw' machine

Boy gets caught in toy-filled 'claw' machine

Devin Haskin isn't the first little boy to find the inside of a toy machine too enticing to resist.
When the 3-year-old Austin, Minn., boy crawled through the discharge chute of a Toy Chest claw machine at a Godfather's Pizza in his hometown, he ended up on the other side of the glass surrounded by stuffed animals.
Rescuers had to pry the door open to get Devin out, though the boy was in no hurry to leave.
"When we got it open, he didn't want to come out," Fire Chief Dan Wilson said Tuesday. "One of my firefighters had to reach inside and get him. He was happy in there."
Two years ago, a boy crawled inside a toy machine at a Piggly Wiggly in Sheboygan, Wis., and was rescued with the help of a locksmith. Last year, a toddler climbed into a toy machine at a Wal-Mart in Elkhart, Ind. Workers used tools to free the boy.
Wilson said there was a lot of activity at Godfather's on Sunday when the boy got inside the machine. He estimated that 75 to 100 people were in the restaurant when rescuers arrived and that three birthday parties were taking place. But there was plenty of air in the machine and people were taking pictures of Devin.
He said the gap Devin squeezed through was about 7 inches by 9 inches.

How? That's all I really want to know. Not how did he squeeze through that tiny hole, but how in hell could you pay that little attention to your child? It was a 9x7 inch hole. It had to have taken him some time to get in there! Really, you would think the mother would have noticed her toddler was missing. Some (most) people just shouldn't be allowed to breed!

Suspect in downtown shooting charged with murder

Suspect in downtown shooting charged with murder

After police moved a group of arguing people outside a Block E movie theatre about midnight Friday, suspect Derick D. Holliday, 21, pulled a handgun, fired it in the air and started chasing a man who fled on foot, said murder charges filed today.
Holliday, of Minneapolis, fired repeatedly at the fleeing man as he fled through a parking lot by Sixth Street. He missed his target, but a bullet hit and killed Alan Reitter, who was walking with friends by the parking lot.
Holliday tried to enter the Karma Bar, but employees stopped him until Officer Jomar Villamor arrived and arrested him. He was charged today in Hennepin County District Court with first-degree murder, attempted murder and first-degree assault for aiming a gun at an officer.
"This is premeditation because Holliday deliberately fired multiple gunshots as he chased after another person on a crowded street," said County Attorney Amy Klobuchar. "The intent follows the bullet."

Updates in Fatal Uptown Shooting

2 Arrested in Fatal Uptown Shooting

A woman and a juvenile male were arrested without incident about 5 p.m. near 33rd and Emerson Avenues N., according to police.
Zebuhr, 25, was shot in the head about 9:55 p.m. on a Saturday when two males approached him, his mother, his sister and a friend as they returned to their car after having dinner at Calhoun Square. They robbed his mother and reportedly fled in a white car.
The victims didn't resist and did everything they should have in a robbery, police have said, adding that the shooting was an aberration.

Police say Uptown shooter is in custody

A 17-year-old boy and a 22-year-old Minneapolis woman were arrested Monday when the department's Violent Crime Apprehension Team spotted the teenager getting into a car near 33rd and Emerson Avenues N. Police said they are still searching for three more juveniles, one of whom is charged in connection with the death of Michael Zebuhr.
"We are extremely confident that the person responsible for the shooting is the 17-year-old" arrested Monday afternoon, said Assistant Police Chief Timothy Dolan.
Of the five suspects, only the woman arrested is an adult. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for another juvenile involved, who wasn't identified.

2 arrested after car sought in Uptown case found burning

A burning car that police found in Brooklyn Park turned out to be the vehicle robbers used to flee the scene of the shooting of a man in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.
Minneapolis police had been asking for the public's help Tuesday in finding a white 1994 Ford Taurus with a Minnesota license plate number of GFG 527. About 10 p.m., several people called Brooklyn Park police about an explosion in the 6500 block of 66th Avenue N., said Capt. Greg Roehl. The callers also gave police a description of two people leaving the scene in a car.
A 33-year-old Minneapolis man and a 22-year-old Duluth woman were booked on suspicion of arson. One of them is related to a juvenile suspect who is still being sought in the shooting death.
Minneapolis police Capt. Rich Stanek said police had not been seeking the two people arrested Tuesday by Brooklyn Park police. Investigators are trying to determine if the two are connected to Zebuhr's death. Stanek reiterated that anybody who interfered with the investigation or aided any suspects could face criminal charges.

Well, it seems that they're narrowing in on the suspects on pretty quickly. I'm glad to hear it. It's a damn shame that someone had to die before they brought some of our police back to the neighborhood though.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Gift - Leonard Cohen

You tell me that silence
Is nearer to peace than poems
But if for my gift
I brought you silence
(For I have know silence)
You would say
This is not silence
This is another poem

And you would hand it back to me

the great self therapy project, phase one

Okay, although I knew this whole sharing more about myself thing wasn't going to be easy, I don't think I'm quite ready to start putting down current things right now.
I think that I'm going to start with some older stuff, journal entries, poems, and what not. Keep an eye out for some possible introspective rambling at the end!
So yeah, expect to see older stuff mixed in with my more current thoughts & feeling. I'll always post the date on the top, if it's not something current, so that you'll know.

I hope I don't scare anyone away with all this crazy!

Random downtown shooting

Victim of downtown random shooting identified

A bystander was killed late Friday near Block E in downtown Minneapolis, prompting questions about the area's safety.
Police and community leaders said the shooting of Reitter near the Block E entertainment complex was a senseless act, and the death raised questions about safety downtown and led to calls for renewed efforts to stop gun violence in the city.
About a minute after the 11:35 p.m. shooting, police arrested a 21-year-old Minneapolis man, after a foot chase.

Numerous officers had converged on the area in response to a large fight and a report of shots being fired. But Dolan said the suspect has told police that he was not being threatened or assaulted, nor was he trying to defend himself when he began firing shots.
The suspect "just shot into a crowd of people," Dolan said.
Police said multiple shots were fired.

Reitter, the victim, was not involved in the fight. He was struck in the head as he was walking with friends. He died later at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Chris Greising, a worker at the Borders bookstore in Block E, was upstairs right before the shooting, looking at lines of perhaps 200 people outside the theater. Suddenly the crowd started running and screaming, and he heard at least two gunshots, he said.
"It was just sort of anarchy," he said of the people scattering. More than a dozen people started to rush into the bookstore, prompting Greising to call his manager and say, "We need to close now."

I was down there on Friday night. I was at a concert at the 7th St Entry, right across the fucking street. That could have been me. If the show had started on time, we would have been leaving at 11:30.
I think it's about time to start thinking about geting the hell out of here. Once you add this to the random shooting in Uptown two weeks ago, that was just blocks from my apartment. I don't want to live someplace where I have to be afraid to get get shot for no reason just going around the corner for a fucking cup of coffee.