Wednesday, February 28, 2001


gazing with wondering eyes
I look up to the sky
I touch my new found wings
I have discovered that I can fly

lift me up high
floating on the breeze
I can do all I want
every moment I will seize

wind spin me round
let me live this joy inside
within I have all I want
I can be my own guide

I felt the stars collide at your touch
I saw heaven within your eyes and hand
I didn't think I would want this so much
in your arms I find a safe place to land

all the sky diamonds shine for us tonight
the moon smiles her beauty on you and I
bathing us in such a radiant light
kiss me here, under the blanket of sky

as we touched, I felt the world spinning round
only for us the wind sang it's silent song
didn't know I was lost until I was found
when I am not near you, time is ever long
take my hand and fly away with me now
under pale moonlight I will show you how

looking into the night sky
moon above give me joy
show me brightness in the sky
give me something life will not destroy

bathe me tonight
in a divine fire
purge me of these things
rid me of love and desire

wind sing me a song
of the desolation of night
guide me on my path
for I have lost my light

I would cry tears of blood
to end this pain within
to control this rage
to allow a new self to begin

I scream in silent voice
for strength, an unheard plea
my cries have all been lost
in the turbulence of this sea

I reach with broken hands
for something that is untold
I don't know who stole my dreams
but they have all been sold