Wednesday, January 05, 2005


If the moon
refused to shine
if the sun
hid from us his face
my world
would not be dark
you are my light
water in the desert
the voice
calling me home
into your arms
into refuge
from the cruel world
where everything changes
you always stay
close to me

If love
was all butterflies
it would be easy
to stay together
life is never
never a fairytale
we fight each day
to keep in step
the bitter makes the sweet
which we hold so close
that binds our souls
in each other's arms
even my dreams
are of you

Luscious vision of summer
it felt like death
beneath you
sweet wind
whispering my name

Drunk in the moment
never was winter so sweet
like rain
the moon
a spring in the forest
a dream of light
an eternity in your arms
I will sleep tonight
singing in shadows