Saturday, March 31, 2001


let me offer up my self
my hopes and fears too
I give it all up
for something that is true

let me offer up my praise
my anger and my love
it is in your hands
for your peace from above

let me offer up my self
all the strong and the weak
I give to you my dreams
for it is your face I seek

A fierce sadness in her soul
hair in shining waves below her shoulders
I want to heal this beauty before me
I want to ease this untamed creature

I know not how to help her
to ease this aching pain with in her
to pull the astounding loveliness from her soul
holding it up to show her all she is

where are the words of peace?
the joy when I need it most to show?
To expose all the wonders she could be
if only she would believe

I am no one's daughter
I stand alone
unclaimed in this city
this wilderness of concrete and brick
untie these silver ribbons
allow me to spread my wings
they itch at my back, wanting to stretch out
I want to fly
I want to rise above these walls

blind me with your love
still my thoughts with passion
you found a way into my heart
then left me out here alone
where are you when I need you now?
nothing here can fill this hole
I love you and I despise you
for making me into this
a weak creature longing for you
I want you near me this night
the moon refuses to show her face
mourning for this travesty in my heart
I am truly alone here
where are you when I need you most?

you have put me in a cage
however unknowing it may have been
you stole my heart from me
when was I negligent in my defenses?
I cling to the bars of my confines
awaiting your return to me
I feel desolate and alone
when will you shine upon me again?
You hold me hostage
what are your demands to set me free?
in your arms I soared
all else was faded shadows
yet I am left all alone
nothing to comfort me here

Alone thoughts crowd my mind
Thoughts of an alien, different kind
Please tell me I'm not something to help time pass
To be cut down like last autumn's grass
I don't want to be just another pair of arms to hold you near
Simply some one close to shut out your fear
I wonder if I should end it now before you break my heart
Maybe I would be released from this longing when we are apart
I wonder if I should simply push you away
Pretend I don't care, preserve my heart for one more day