Saturday, January 31, 2004


I am blank
empty inside
waiting for dark
waiting for home
waiting for something
to write on my soul
something that will be
mine alone

the game
is always being played
it's been going on for ages
but now
it's about to shift
you can feel it in the air
things are about to change
things are about to get nasty
I wait with anticipation
just like the rest of them
it doesn't seem that anyone
can win this one
I await the blood
I await the triumph
after all
who really cares who wins?
so long as there is someone
broken and bleeding

turn your head for a moment
and you will get lost
never really able
to catch up again
to wear you were
where you knew
exactly what was going on
turn your head for a moment
and the moment
is forever gone

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