Friday, March 24, 2006

perpetual motion

Thoughts on my need to be constantly in motion, in a state of change. After talking to a friend who is the same way.

Maybe it's not an attempt to flee our emotional problems at all. Maybe it's the appeal of the challenge & the adversity. Not in a Goth, depressed, mopey, hold ourselves down sort of way.
Instead for the emotional and/or intellectual stimulation of being challenged.
The desire to keep testing ourselves, to be assured that we won't ever be found wanting. To be sure we're still sharp, still alive. Because we are more fulfilled by the things we have to work for, the things won at a cost.
Or maybe I just want to convince myself that what I'm doing isn't unhealthy, that it's not just running away from my emotional issues.



Change is good... it brings about character and sometimes tests our faith in God... but sometimes it's just as important to be still and wait on God's direction and his hand to move. That doesn't mean that you're lazy, it just means that you're content with waiting on God's voice... sometimes the still gentle whispers - don't miss them Aeryn.


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