Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"I look like"... this one is funny-

This is amusing. Google the phrase "(Your name) looks like" and find the best one from the first page of results. Don't forget to put it in quotes, otherwise it won't work.

(I got this from my bulletin board, but there were just too many funny one's to put just one, so it's going here. I'm going to leave some of the other people's on here because some of them are really funny!)

1. "Jason looks like total crap." -- thanks google, thanks.

2. "PJ looks like he'd be down to whoop some ass anytime"-- i think that google is scared of me.

3. "Katie looks like recycled cat food" Ouch

4. "Michael looks like he's playing naked" (OMG do they like have a camera inside the screen or what!!!!!! Who knew??)

5. "Troy looks like a pretty white boy. Deep down he is an angry black man"

6. "Jesse looks like he is fighting off a case of down's syndrome" What-Eva Google!!!

7. "Katie looks like a humpback when pics are taken from behind."....but the doctor said no one would notice

8. "Ashleigh looks like my brother".... Great... was it the boobs?

9. "Marie looks like she could pull your heart out of your chest with her bare hands." -yaaay! haha. Indeed. Watch out!

10. "Sarah looks like she is about to recieve something in her mouth...hmmm ..." Ha, I love it.

11. "Jeremy looks like the number one right-hand man to the Dark Lord ..." WOW....that's all i can say.....WOW!

12. "Keith looks like death warmed over,but he still has style.."
hmmm... confused... good and bad at the same time..

13. " Patrick looks like he is ready to battle Tron."
Disney can't step to me, bitches.

14. Carrie looks like she has balls when she is walking. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha....

15. "Niki looks like an albino its amazing how screwing a million guys can actually make u look good!" ---That's sooo not nice!

16. "Chris looks like something i would need eventually." <~~~ I hear that alot :-)

17. "Laura looks like shes about to breastfeed those pups"

18. " Roxanne looks like she is giving "invisible man" a blow job... with a cracker...."

19. "Candace looks like she spends many a Friday night getting drunk with friends in a Hardee's parking lot..."

20. "Emily looks like trouble." --- oh if you only knew...lol

21. "Rob looks like hes plotting something"....How did they know? ;)

22. "Gary looks like David Hassellhoff" I am speechless... I thought my wife loved me for me not cause I look like the German hero....

23. "Sandra looks like you're being shafted more ways than one you sad slut you....."

24. "I wont mention the fact that Stephanie looks like shes been rode hard and put away wet."

25. "Keven looks like Sir Martin. Sir Martin is handsome and macho."

26. "Julie looks like a crack whore..." thanks Google

27. "Rosemary looks like a cheap vegas showgirl"... WTF??

28. "Kristen looks like some lame ass girl at a white trash high school who might be popular because she drives a '97 Camaro" fuck google

29. "Nicole looks like such a dirty teenage boy..." harsh.

30. "Stephanie looks like Jose Canseco. She gives me the creeps." ... I get that alot

31. "Melissa looks like a piece of plain, trailer park trash in desperate need of a tan" Nice!

32. "Jillian looks like she's gonna start fires with her eyes" i like the sound of that . . .

33. "Michael looks like he's (justifiably) about to wet his pants."
Right On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34. "Jessie looks like Mary Poppins"

35. "Carrie looks like a trampy little slut there and i *LOVE* it!"

36. "Sean looks like the Olympic representative from Planet of the Apes."

37. "Kyle, looks like you're responsible for another death." Yeah, i know its not a thing, but i thought it was pretty damn funny

38. "Amy looks like a Tesco checkout girl with a drink problem."

39. "Carly looks like a busted trans." lmfao

40. "Jeff looks like he's hiding something" ~~~ I'll never tell

41. "Jessica looks like she's expelling demons out of her mouth when she sings." Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

42. "Chris looks like he's furious, like there's a hundred things he wants to say. He settles for "What the holy fuck is going on in your head. ..."

43. "Sara looks like trouble just waiting to happen. ..."

44. AWESOME. "Dave looks like Ron Jeremy" love it. "Dave looks like a beached sea god" was a DAMN close second place.

45. "Anna looks like she has a clarinet up her nose!"

46. " Leah looks like Amanda Bynes' older, larger breasted sister"- Oh yeah! You know it!! :)

"uh oh Aeryn, looks like you've been hit by the filapino jeep?"
Aeryn looks like she's going to bite off Bin's nipples"
" Aeryn looks like such an innocent girl, ... "
"Aeryn looks like a nice lady, but they still don't have any parking OR Golden Retrievers.
"Aeryn looks like a donkey that has not eaten for many months"
looks like Twisted Evil" OMG, too fucking funny!
looks like a porcelain doll."
"Aeryn looks like a very lovely woman."
looks like a Million bucks and shows off her sexiness." Um, sure, if you say so Google!


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"Patience looks like weakness and surrender."

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