Monday, May 08, 2006

Never Brush Your Teeth Again? or, War Tech That Changed Life

Inventions that Began on the Battlefield Thrive in the Home

There's a new product in development that could change your nightly ritual forever.

The Wrigley Gum Company has paired up with the U.S. military to create an anti-bacterial chewing gum that actually cleans teeth so soldiers wouldn't have to stop what they're doing to brush their pearly whites.

If the military signs on to it, there's a good chance it will end up in your medicine cabinet one day.

Other military inventions that we now use daily include:
-The steam engine

-The microwave oven

-Many hiking boots are made from the same materials. as the military's stealth jet technology.

-The Medevac helicopter

-The "trench coat" got its name from soldiers in World War I who wore the military jackets in the trenches.

-And of course, what one Pentagon officials dubbed the "Intergalactic Network." Which is what became the internet.

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