Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Stuff!

I decided that I don't want to end up posting a large number of entries all at once like I was on myspace. Instead I'm going to try posting any articles I find grouped together by topic, on different days of the week.

Here is the tentative schedule:
(Which is of course subject to change at any random time!)

Mon.- Fun, Odd, & Random

Tues.- Useful and Tech

Wed.- Science

Thurs.- Art

Fri.- Gaming & Entertainment

Sat.- Politics

Sun.- Psychology and Neuroscience

This is not ment to be a 'Week in Review' sort of things. It's just articles, websites, and stuff that I may come across that I find interesting enough to share. And of course, if I didn't find anything interesting that week, I won't post a blog about that topic.


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