Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting is cool!

I hope that all of you reading this who are are in the US are going to take the time to vote today! Voting is a privilege that we are lucky to have. I strongly believe that if we want to keep this privilege we need to treat it is a responsibility. So get your asses to your local polling places folks!

I know I've heard almost all of you (rightly) state that there needs to be a change in our government. Now's the time to make that happen. For those of you in Minneapolis you can register to vote at the polls if you haven't already. You really have no excuse except laziness. Here's the Star Trib's candidate Overviews for you even.

Remember, voting isn't just about the President, Governors and national representatives. It's also about judges, sheriffs, schools, public transportation and local government. Things that really do have an impact on your every day life!

Don't be one of the sheeple folks! Get out there and vote. Surely you don't have anything so important to do on a Tuesday evening that you can't spare a half an hour on your way home from work?

Things Republicans want you to forget.

Can you name all the Republicans who have been convicted or are currently under criminal investigation in a single breath?

Vote . Fulfill your responsibility to yourself, your community, and your country.

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