Sunday, July 29, 2007

Update & crap

Things are pretty good here. Well, they range from down right wonderful to pretty good, I suppose I should say... When did things get so complicated anyway, my friends? One of the continual disappointments of adulthood has been the fact that things don't get any easier. On the contrary, they seem to get more complex the older I get... I think I may have made a mistake tonight. One I don't know if I'll get a change to rectify. One I really hope I will. Or at least, I hope that my idea/plan doesn't backfire on me... I suppose that what I really want right now is to talk to someone who understands me intuitively, some one who loves me... I'd settle for a hug though... Any takers?

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Michael Shor said...

What you say here is interesting. Understand you intuitively? Do you know people who understand you intuitively? What is it like? There are a bunch of people who seem have come to understand parts of me intuitively. Each person who I know well seems to understand different parts of me, but I don't know if there is anyone who understands the whole of me very well.

Well, I guess I am a complicated person, but intuitively I would expect that you are too. It always seems to take a while for people to understand complicated people. It certainly takes me a while. So I for one can not say that I understand you intuitively, but if I got to know you well I probably would be capable of it.

So, if you ever wanted to hang out or chat, give me a holler, and anyways, good luck in you endeavors. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Best wishes,
--Michael Shor