Thursday, May 31, 2001


with a kiss you awakened me
from the deep sleep of the soul
my numb and dead body
alive again with your touch
you gave me strength
to climb from the ashes
this dead thing I called life
was soon far behind me
when you touch me
I know that I am truly alive

let me slip back into dreams
at least there I can hold you
and keep you close to me
feeling you at my side
daylight comes far to soon
I must awake, alone in my bed
knowing as I reach for you
my arms will come away empty
let me dream of you again
your arms tight around me
for I am alone here
at least for tonight

wake me from this dream
that you are close to me
I spend these sleepless nights
longing for your touch
my sleep holds dreams of you
yet I awake alone
wondering where you are
reaching out to hold you
I walk the streets aimlessly
looking for something I will not find
longing only to see your face
to feel your lips on mine
come to me soon my dearest
only your touch can awaken me
put your arms around me
let me feel alive again

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