Saturday, June 30, 2001


I want to gather
these miles between us
like unused ribbon
laying on the floor
to make them disappear
with my small hands
to bring you near
within my arms once more

my lips have grown cold
my hands tired with longing
a phone that doesn't ring
and an empty bed
are all I have
remove this torment from me
burn this love from my heart
I am tired and sick with desire
I ache to be in your arms
alone here with a weary soul
warm my lips with your kiss
awaken my hands with your touch
let me see your face
and lay close to you
let my soul feel alive

filled with this desire
the weight of
your lips on mine
of your body
the sweetness
of your hands
on my skin
of your kiss
let you hands
travel my flesh
your kisses
intoxicate me
fill me body and soul
this joy is divine
your weight on me
and the world disappears

I long for your kiss
how my lips miss
the sweetness
of your own
your voice
gentle in my ear
your arms
wrapped around me
surely there is nothing
more true than this
when you touch me
my spirit
takes flight

I felt the stars collide at your touch
I saw heaven within your eyes and hand
I didn't think I would want this so much
in your arms I find a safe place to land

all the sky diamonds shine for us tonight
the moon smiles her beauty on you and I
bathing us in such a radiant light
kiss me here, under the blanket of sky

as we touched, I felt the world spinning round
only for us the wind sang it�s silent song
didn't know I was lost until I was found
when I am not near you, time is ever long
take my hand and fly away with me now
under pale moonlight I will show you how

I love to touch you
to feel your skin
smooth beneath my fingers
hard muscle underneath
to lay my head on your chest
coarse hair beneath my cheek
the safety of your arms around me
and heart beat under my ear
the softness of your lips on mine
the taste of you skin on my tongue
the weight of your body over me
this bliss is surely divine

I Love You

how fragile these words sound
how we dare not say them
as if to admit it
will bring down heavy clouds
baring into our souls
unraveling our hearts
and our hands
from each other's bodies
but I will drop all my fears
and say it now boldly
even if you can not hear
and the earth will not shatter
our limbs will remain entwined
my lips and heart still warm
from your kiss
I miss you tonight
and I love you

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