Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free Whoppers

I found this through Digg. Thought you all might like to know too.

All you have to do is get a reciept from a burger king that has a survey box on the back. Instead of calling the number and wasting your time just follow these instructions for free no hassle food.

Here are the instructions:

  • Find a reciept with the telephone survey on the back.
  • Where it says to write the code and place the two letter code followed by 5 numbers (hint: Numbers do not have to be in any order or value except that there has to be five of them) for which month you are currently in.
  • Example: WH 12345 the only thing they will check are the two letters.
  • You still have to buy any size fry or drink but you will always get a free sandwich of your choosing.

Month Codes:

Based on which month your are in choose the two letters that coincide with that month.

  1. Jan = BB
  2. Feb = LS
  3. Mar = JH
  4. April = PL
  5. May = BK
  6. June = WH
  7. July = FF
  8. Aug = BF
  9. Sept = CF
  10. Oct = CK
  11. Nov = CB
  12. Dec = VM

This is unvarified by myself so far, so I can make no promises to if it really works or not. So if some one tries it, I'd love to hear if it worked!

Here is the blogg it is originally posted to.

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