Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Google, Terror Preparedness, New Money, and Mona Lisa

Have you all heard about this guy Aaron, who has a Really Good Idea? At least we think it's a Really Good Idea. No one really knows. Well, except for him, and a few people at Google. You see, he wanted to pitch this idea to Google, but to a real person, not a web form. So he flew to California, went to the Googleplex, and asked for a meeting. And he got it! Follow his story on Can Google Hear Me.

Unsure of what to do in case of a terror attack? Have you been to the Department of Homeland Security's website? Were you left confused by the vague pictures? This chart can help you understand them. Or at least give you a good laugh.

Did you hear that they're making new dollar coins? With the presidents on them? (Only the deceased ones though.) Check out the quite thorough Wiki page on the new dollar coin program.

Scholars are pretty sure that they've found Mona Lisa's grave. And that the mysterious half smile that has left people wondering for centuries? It was most likely the contented smile of a happily expectant mother who's thoughts are turned inward toward the child she is carrying.


Xombii said...

I loved the homeland security signs! They always make me laugh ~ making abstract signs is what the're best at!

aeryn said...

Well, second best! Taking away our civil liberties and making us think it's good for us is there primary function.