Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hello from the Green Mountain State!

Hello Everyone! I thought I'd give a mid-week check in while I'm at the library checking my email. Yes, I know, the whole point was to go a whole week with out all of the distractions of my normal life, and a whole week with out the Internet. I just can't do it though! I'm weak, I know.

Everything is good here. I'm enjoying my time at home. I really did need this chance to just get away from everything & think for a while. I still have a lot of thinking to do, but I'm getting there. It's been really good for me.
The weather has been the only think that's not so wonderful. It's been rainy and gray the whole week. :( I did get to see the stars on Saturday night though, so that made me happy!
Other things also checked off of my list of Things To Do While In Vermont:
Go to Rocket J's & get a Cheddar Dog & Fries. Put salt & vinegar on fries, consume. (This quest may be completed more than once, and probably will.)
Buy some Magic Hat Beer, drink it. (This quest may also be completed more than once, and has.)
Buy some Long Trail Blackberry Wheat (seasonal beer), drink it. (This quest may also be completed more than once, and has.)
Hang out with Tiff.
Go to Burlington, walk around Church Street.
Go to Star Root, get custom mixed fragrance.
Go to Bove's, get a huge bowl of pasta, enjoy.
Walk around downtown Northfield. (Started at least, I'll walk around some more after I leave the library.)
Sit outside and relax.

I still have things to do, but the week is only half over, so I'm confident I'll get them done!
I've really enjoyed having the mountains all around me, & the nice, fresh, green smell of everything. I don't want to ever leave! Then again, it'll be nice to get back home to the city! I miss my family. (And my computer! But I miss my family more, honest!) I should end now, my time is almost up. I'll try to write more about my wonderful trip when I get home.

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