Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ah, to be 17 again part 1 - high school love

The velvety darkness of night fell
With my doubts
And our clothes
We made our promises
By the light of the moon
And gave each other all we had

The sun rose
The window
And in my eyes
And I looked at you
As if for the first time
And saw the light
In your eyes too
And I knew the sun would never set
That you
Would be my light

It was the morning after
Only I didn�t die today
When the sun rose
And I thought
This is a day to remember
The day I was alive
And the sun didn't burn
And neither did the pain
And the night wasn't so cold
Because I knew
You love me

I ate a hash brown
And told you I loved you
And you asked me
Did I ever eat
And I said yes
And I knew
You loved me
As you smiled
And drank your
orange juice

You touched my hand
You touched my heart
And we flew
Dancing in the stars
You and I

Am I real?
Am I alive?
Should I care?
Should I strive?
Is my reflection really me?
Am I really what you see?
If I touch my hand to yours
Will I feel as I did before?
Is this love ours to keep?
Do you see me in your sleep?
Are you the one to make me whole?
Are you the one to touch my soul?
Please be the one to make me feel
Please be the one to make me real

tame me
name me
turn me into something beautiful pure new
hold me
mold me
shape me
as strong as the mountains soft as the valleys
in me
win me
awake my mind body soul
mark me
spark me
set fire to my heart cool down my spirit
show me
know me
take me to another time place life
mend me
defend me
fix this broken heart hear these broken words

I smiled this morning
Into my Lucky Charms
We used to eat them together
And never wanted anything more
(Fall, 1997)

To be that idealistic & hopefull again!

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