Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cranky time survey!

(Just as an FYI, I was apparently a bit cranky when I filled this out, so some of the language may be a bit, err, colorful!)

~*How Many *~
Cookies could you eat at once? I prefer to eat them one at a time since I think it's pretty gross to shove half a box of cookies in your mouth all at once!
Pickles have you eaten at once? Occasionally I'll get a whole pickle if I'm at a deli, but usually I don't really like them.
Times do you clean your room a year? 26 or so
Times do you pee during the night? None.
Times a week it is necessary to clean the house? If you pick up after yourself, it only needs to be done once a week.
You bathe your pets in a year? Ha! If you think my cat needs a bath, you come bathe her!
You brush your teeth a day? Usually twice, sometimes 3.
Meals you eat a day? One on weekdays, two on weekends. (Yeah, I know I should eat more!)
Approximate pounds of chocolate you've consumed in your life? I have no fricken' clue! Enough to crush you I'm sure, you nosey little prick!
Classes have you failed? None
Times do you cry a week? Hopefully none. While we're on the subject, is there anything else you'd like to know? Maybe I could dig up my most painful memory for you and we could talk about that too!
Jeans that you own? 3 pair
Money in your wallet? I'd love some thanks! I'm fresh out.
Birthmarks do you have? One
Times have you dyed your hair? How many times has President Bush said something idiotic? By which I mean, too fucking many to count!!!
Years you wish you could go back in time? No thanks, I'm more or less okay with my past.
Hours of TV do you watch a day? TV rots your damn brain. Go read a book!
Times do you watch the news a week? Watch, none. Read on line, at least once a day.
Sodas do you consume in a day? That shit will rot your brain & make you chubby! Oh, and give you diabetes.
Sheep do you want on your farm? How do you come up with these questions?
Pets do you have? One.

~*Do you believe in: (or support)*~
Ghosts? Yup
Aliens? It's not entirely unlikely
Sex without emotional attachment? Not my thing, but I hear it works for some people
Abortion? Yeah, I'm gonna pass on this one. Way too touchy of a subject!
Our president? Do I believe that he is alive? Yes, yes I do. Do I think he should be president? No, no I do not. (See answer to hair dying question in the section above this one if you have any doubts!)
Superstitions? I like to say no, but I've got a couple.
Botox? No thanks.
Plastic surgery? For people that are horribly disfigured, or have been in an accident sure. Because you're too lazy to exercise to loose some weight, that's just lame.
Politics? I think that we'd be doing a lot better as a country if more people payed attention!
Religion? Yup
The bible? We'll just say yes & leave it at that for now. If you're interested in the full answer message me & I'll gladly talk religion & theology.
Yourself? Most of the time.

~*Which one are you?...*~
You make the first moves, OR your bf/gf makes the first moves? I'll let them make the first move, but I like it when they play just a little hard to get.
You are a city OR country person? Right now I'm a city person, but deep down, I'll always be a country girl.
You think more with Passion OR Logic? Logic. The human heart is a capricious little beast that will happily betray you at the first opportunity it gets!
You eat more Chinese OR Mexican? Mexican, but it would be about even if I could find a decent Chinese delivery place around here dammit!
You'd rather go to Disney world OR Universal studios? Six Flags! Forget the silly themes & just give me the damn roller coasters!
You'd rather die with your love by your side, OR without them? Well, that's a tricky one. Of course, I'd rather have them there. On the other hand, I wouldn't want them to have to watch me die. And if you're talking about dying at the same time, only if we're old & it's peacefully in our sleep. I'd like to think that I'm not selfish enough to believe that just because I'm dead he shouldn't get to be alive either!
You'd rather drink Milk OR juice? Juice. Real juice, not this 10% fruit juice crap that's mostly corn syrup & water!
Your a Cat OR dog person? I like them both a lot.
Smoothies OR Milkshakes? Depends on if it's a meal replacement or dessert.
You'd rather be a Snake OR a turtle? Snake. Turtles can't climb, go very fast, or hide with ease!
You'd rather watch OR play sports? If by play sports you mean join in a rousing conversation that will likely increase my knowledge and/or help me to see something from another point of view, I'm down for either! If you mean get sweaty & out of breath & probably hurt myself or watch grown men run about in tights & grab each other's asses, then I don't want to do either, thanks.
Shy OR outgoing? Shy, but I'm trying to be more outgoing.
Night Owl OR Day Bird? Night owl
Chocolate Cake OR Apple Pie? Chocolate cake
Comedy OR Romance Films? Horror
Committed relationships OR Free as a Bird? Being in a relationship is a-okay by me.
Alternative rock OR 70s Disco Music? Alt-Rock
Conservative OR Wild Party Animal? Neither, liberal nerd
Rather get quilled by a porcupine OR stung by a jelly fish? No thanks, I'm good

~*My very favorite*~
Type of food: I really like steak. I also really like potatoes. And chocolate. And slightly under-ripe peaches, berries of any sort, pizza, chicken, star fruit, corn, peas, and well, you get the idea, don't you?
Font: Georgia
Color: clear
Animal: White Bengal Tigers
Place to be: Vermont
Kiss: One from Kyle
Beatle: I kinda like the iridescent shiny ones! Oh, you said Beatle, not beetle! *shrugs* Why should I have a favorite?
Topic/subject to study: Neuroscience
Celebrity: My feelings about celebrities range from don't really care to what makes you think I give a damn?
Channel to watch: Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet
TV show: Scrubs, Gilmore Girls
Type of music: I'll admit it, I'm an indie rock girl. I'm not tied to a particular type, I like a little of everything. If it's well written, and has decent lyrics. Preferably written by the singer or at least some one in the band.

~*Can you/ Would you....*~
Put your legs behind your head? I used to be able to. Just a sec, let me check. Er, nope. Not after a long day at work, a bit buzzed and wearing jeans. I can almost put my left leg behind my head though!
Do calculus problems? Sadly, nope
Eat gross foods for money? No thanks. I prefer dignity and self respect to money. But just for the sake of conversation, what did you have in mind, and how much are you offering?
Beat someone up? Ha! I wish!
Swim long distances? I used to be able to. Not so sure now though. There's no place to swim around here.
Wrestle alligators? If I can't beat anyone up, what in hell would make you you think I could wrestle an alligator?
Return a million dollars of you randomly found it? Yeah, 'cause Karma's a bitch.
Eat raw fish? Mm, sushi
Love someone unconditionally? Often, fully and with out reservations.
Laugh at yourself? This is something else I do often.
Lick your elbow? Ever since I got those pesky bones removed from my arms it's been so much easier!
Watch Sept 11th or Hurricane disaster stories without crying? Nah, I'm a big softy. I'm way too empathetic. (Which is a good thing mostly, but it can be a bad thing.)

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