Wednesday, May 31, 2006


She's too old to be brave
life is too uncertain
things move too quickly
she doesn't understand
the way things move these days
so she stays
in her empty life
in her loveless home
because it's the life she knows
it may be devoid of happiness
but it's hers
and it's consistent
and she's not so young anymore
she doesn't realize
that it's never too late
to start over

this tortured soul
that walks in invisible tears
all shades of gray
always in shadows
never in the sun
nor in the safety of true black
I'm unforgiven
by the one that matters most
I can not put these ghosts to rest
I don't know how
to slay them where they sleep
I don't know how
to control them when they wake
I drown here over and over
in the guilt and pain
waiting for the shadows
to swallow me whole

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