Monday, January 22, 2007

100 Quick Questions

001. real name → If you don't know it, I'm not telling!

002. nickname → Aeryn

003. single or taken → taken

004. zodiac sign → Sagittarius

005. male or female → Female

006. elementary → NES

008. high → NHS

010. hair color → Blond

011. long or short → Short, but getting longer

015. are you health freak → No, but I do try to stay healthy. I don't think that there is anything freakish about that.

016. height → 5'4"

017. do you have a crush on someone → It's kind of more than a crush...

018. do you like yourself → Yup

019. piercings → Ears, and one other place...

020. tattoos → Only one so far, but there will be more.

021. righty or lefty → Righty


022. first surgery → Getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

023. first piercing → Ears

024. first best friend → Tanya

025. first award → Don't remember...

026. first sport you joined → Soccer (Yes, I know that's going to surprise some of you!)

027. first pet → A German Shepard named Jenna

028. first vacation → Camping in Groton.

029. first concert → Um, my first concert was Geoff Moore and the Distance, with my youth group. The first non Christian concert was Green Day.

030. first crush → Wayne B. in elementary school.


049. eating → nothing

050. drinking → water

055. waiting for → Nothing. I'm going after the things I want. After all, it's not likely that I'm going to get them if I just sit around waiting.

057. wearing → Black velvet PJ bottoms, black tank top, and a black hoodie.


058. want kids → no thanks

059. want to get married → I won't say no, but I'm a bit hesitant about the whole idea of it. I'm sure that when it's the right person I won't have any doubts...

060. careers in mind → Several, actually. Right now I'm focusing on actually getting into college, finally.


068. lips or eyes → Depends on the person, really.

069. hugs or kisses → I'd like both, thanks.

070. shorter or taller → Taller, but really, it doesn't matter all that much.

072. romantic or spontaneous → Don't these two tend to go hand in hand?

073. nice stomach or nice arms→ Mm, yes please...

074. sensitive or loud → Sensitive

075. hook-up or relationship → Relationship

076. Have you ever been kissed? → Yup *laughs*

077. trouble maker or hesitant? → Neither. I'd rather have a self-confident person who knows how to have fun, when it's the right time and place.


078. kissed a stranger → Nope

079. drank bubbles → *laughs* Hell no!

080. lost glasses/contacts → On a regular basis, but I always find them again!

081. ran away from home → Yes

082. broken any bones → No

084. broken some one's heart → I have, unfortunately.

085. been arrested → *grins* Wouldn't you like to know...

086. turned someone down → Yup

087. cried when someone died → Yes

088. liked a friend → Yes, but who hasn't?


089. yourself → Yes

090. miracles → Yup

091. love at first sight → Yes and no at the same time.

092. heaven → Kind of...

093. santa clause → *laughs* Not for at least 20 years!

094. sex on the first date → It would depend on the person...

095. kissing on the first date → Same as my answer to #94

096. angels → As in white clad celestial beings with wings that grant wishes? Not so much...


097. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now?

098. With someone as company right now:

099. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?
Hell no!

100. do you believe in god?
I believe in something...

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