Friday, November 03, 2006

A couple of movies, and a silly celebrity website! (Fri Gaming & entertainment post)

Has anyone else heard about the movie Tideland? It looks bizarre and intriguing.

Plot summary- "
Jeliza-Rose is a young girl in a very unusual situation both of her parents are junkies and she is usually left to her own devices for entertainment. When her mother dies, her father takes her to a remote farm in the country, she escapes the vast loneliness of her new home by retreating into a world that exists only in her mind. Here, fireflies have names, bog-men awaken at dusk, and squirrels talk. And the heads of her four dolls Mystique, Baby Blonde, Glitter Gal, and Sateen Lips long since separated from their bodies, keep her company."

I think that I may go see it. I'm not quite sure that I'm going to to think its a good movie. It's so damn bizarre that it makes me want to see it though. It starts today at the Lagoon. Does any one want to go see it with me?

Another bizarre looking movie I found out about this week is We Are The Strange. (Thanks Trevor!) I am very intrigued by this one, and will definitely go see it once it is finished. It's a one man project, done in 'Str8nime.' I bet that if you didn't already know about this film, by now you're wondering what it's about, and what the hell str8nime is, aren't you? I could try to explain it, but it's really one of those things you have to see for yourself. So go ahead and click of one of those handy links I've put in for you, and check it out!

And the last thing for today, a celebrity blog I even enjoy! The Superficial knows as well as you & I do that the only thing most popular celebrities are good for is making fun of! That's all that they do, and they do it reasonably well even! It's great for days when you're feeling catty and snarky and really just want to laugh at some one. It's also great for bad days too! It reminds you that it could be worse, you could be Paris Hilton!

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