Friday, November 03, 2006

A single song for a land slide

Which Drink - Levi Weaver

so which drink did my memory drown in?
and which thought was the first one to consider him?
and which night was the night when the kingdom I thought I was king of fell
like the walls at the waves of a broken dam
make me a broken man

so if we're all guilty, what's the point in pointing fingers anyway?


and oh the things I've tried to cover up and compromise
put it up on a shelf, hide it in sheet rock - wrap it in cellophane
but this is not a phase you can ignore 'till it goes away
I've got to face this now
I've got to take these walls down

so this is the last song in a series titled 'how you broke my heart'
and I think it's the best one, and here comes my favorite part
I forgive you
and I'm sorry
and I'm sorry it took so long
and I wish you the best in everything
I wish you the best in everything

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